Monday, January 12, 2009

Stanton Update #6

Stanton Mission

Hello everyone!!!!

**UPDATE**Mack was euthanized because he was sick=( We will ask them more questions when we go today. We found a rescue for the GSD but she needed some medications, so some money was set aside for her and she is getting pulled today.

We pulled Dolly on 01/08 that was another owner surrender that was NOT on PF…Dolly was a tall Walker Coonhound that was pulled and vetted to be Heartworm Positive, so we will need to treat her. This will cost about $135 which obviously dips into our pulling funds. We need to also address another dog at Last Day Dog Rescue that has also come from Stanton as HW+(Carson) so we will be raising funds to help with those 2 dogs on top of our ongoing efforts to keep the dogs safe from R&R.
If you wish to donate Directly to the rescues handling their care, please visit their websites…and just remember to put a note or memo on the donation that it is for Dolly, or Stanton dogs.

What do we need? We need a Pitbull rescue to help us with Casper…he was listed as a lab mix, but is clearly apbt and we now need a rescue to step up for him. We have fully vetted him but may have some dog aggression. If interested please contact Laurel to work with her on coordination.

We have a ChipIn set up or email it to paypal address

Please contact if you can or know someone who can help us save these dogs!!! We can set up an application to foster as well.
I will be working with the current rescues on the dogs they have to help them find forever homes for the dogs, but the other day I accidentally gave the wrong link to our sister site, lol…so it is really…

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