Friday, January 9, 2009


Stanton Mission

Just 1 day after we rescued 9 dogs and 3 cats and I just checked the petfinder for Montcalm to see an additional 3 dogs added.

We have Fred, Wilma, and Mack available on the 8th to be pulled or adopted, then Rocko is available IMMEDIATELY, and Hilda available after the 11th.
Please lets hope that some of these dogs get adopted, but in the meantime we need to try to find someone willing to take these dogs…

We need volunteers to step up for either Fostering, or rescues to take these dogs. We have a few possibilities of Out of state rescues, but we cannot pull the dogs unless we know transport is fully coordinated, or we have a temporary foster situation for them to go to while coordinating…
Can you help???
Please contact if you can or know someone who can help us save these dogs!!! We can set up an application to foster
Also, we have enough funds to pull 2 more dogs so any additional donations are much appreciated!
I will be working with the current rescues on the dogs they have to help them find forever homes for the dogs, but yesterday I accidentally gave the wrong link to our sister site, lol…so it is really…

ON BEHALF OF GOING TO THE DOGS & USAP to be on the mailing list for future Stanton emails…or email to request removal at any time.

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