Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flower City Stampers

Well I wanted to say that I went to the SCS 1st annual Rochester gathering, now named the Flower City Stampers gathering and it was awesome!
I will have to try to get some projects/cards uploaded today or tomorrow to show off...
Thank you Lauri & Dawn!!!! It was great!
**To my Pink table: your cards will be sent out shortly**

Monday, September 8, 2008

Help Casper!!!!!

----------------- Original Message -----------------From: sara /Only God Can JudgeDate: Sep 5, 2008 6:13 PMMy name is Casper. I was saved from euthanasia 10 months ago by a wonderful rescue group Marley's Pit Stop in Los Angeles. I spent the next 6 months learning things like Sit, stay, come and be calm. They also taught me that dogs could be my friends and that I should be nice to them. Even cats.Just when things were looking up me "the no hope staffie", an ultrasound revealed I had an obstruction in my intestine. After 2 months of visits to the vet's office (x-rays, blood work, overnight stays with IV's) trying to figure out what was wrong with me, the rescue is tapped out financially. For all of you who know and love me, you know I am a special dog. I am not that scared skinny dog who left the shelter. Just last week, I lost 12 pounds and could barely lift my head. Everyone at Marley's Pit Stop is heartbroken over this. The quote for the operation at City of Angels Animal Hospital in Culver City was between 3,500-4,500. So I had my surgery and they found a piece of Bully stick in my intestines that rotted most of it. They had to remove a good portion of my intestines. I am on my way home with my foster mom to heal.Bad news friends. The hospital released me Wednesday afternoon. Thank God my foster mom let me sleep in bed with her. She woke up at one in the morning to find me having a seizure on the floor. She rushed me to the hospital and through an ultrasound was told the sutures in my intestine had leaked a toxic fluid into his abdomen and that I needed emergency surgery, this time even more complicated and more expensive than the first procedure. An estimate of $6-12,000 was given in addition to the already $4,800 spent on the first procedure and aftercare. My rescuers decided to save me and do the surgery. I am now in the hospital with tubes everywhere, in lots of pain and fighting to stay alive.IF 6000 PEOPLE GIVE $1.00 I WILL HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY HALF OF MY MEDICAL BILLS. I HOPE ENOUGH PEOPLE READ MY STORY.....PLEASE CROSSPOST...MYSPACE PAGE