Friday, January 9, 2009



Do you know what we did today???

We pulled 9 dogs and 3 Cats from the Montcalm shelter!!!!!

We want to thank each and every one of you for all of your help:
Donations from Valerie Hildebrand, Paula Anselmo, Stacy Reeves, Janice Melnyk, Adele Mirshak, Deborah s Beliveau, Cathy Gallagher, Claudia Ginter, Bonnie, and the list goes on…Some even offered to send additional help to Last Day Dog Rescue who is taking most of the dogs. Riley who was another dog in the shelter was being pulled by another rescue group=) Fred & Wilma were strays so they are not available until the 8th to pull so hopefully some potential adopters stop by or owner reclaims take place by then=)

What We accomplished
Well at $70/dog to pull and $35/cat we spent $735 donation dollars to just get them out to safety! What is next for these animals?
Casper: is going to Kirby’s Friends Rescue after full vetting
Buster: is going to Lakeside
Killer Bee: is going to Heather’s rescue
Kitties, Milo, Bandit, Donni, Marie, Foxy, and Scrappy: are going to Last Day Dog Rescue

What else needs to be done?
Well, we got them out, but we still need to vet some of these guys to prevent any unnecessary outbreaks. Anyone wishing to donate to their medical care feel free to pledge to the paypal address or to the rescue directly. We also have to focus on a few different things this week:
1. More dogs can come in at any time…so be ready for another effort to take place…we need fosters, we need rescues to step up and help coordinate with us.
2. There is a meeting 01/12 to discuss R&R renewing their contract to get dogs out of Montcalm in which we need MI representation
3. We have some medical needs dogs from previous pulls from Stanton that need our urgent attention and funding to help remove tumors and help with leg deformities, and heartworm. We cannot forget these animals that were pulled before…they are not safe until they have a clean bill of health and a forever home! We will be posting these dogs to our sister site but until then we must make sure they are not forgotten.
4. Lastly, I want to make sure everyone knows how grateful I am for all of your patience with me returning calls, emails, donations, late nights, etc. Without all of your help this would not have happened and I have to say to Tereasa our transporter~WAY TO GO!!! We know it must be a stressful situation to pull that many animals and be concerned about making all aspects of the transport run smoothly…

ON BEHALF OF GOING TO THE DOGS & USAP to be on the mailing list for future Stanton emails…or email to request removal at any time.

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