Wednesday, February 18, 2009

STOP pound seizure--

STOP giving our pets to research--

a fate worse than death.

What is pound seizure? Pound seizure is the practice of "seizing" dogs and cats from shelters and pounds to sell to the biomedical research industry (their fate is death, sometimes after long-term agonizing studies).

What can you do? Two things; Send letters or call and donate to the cause. Read on for more details.

STOP which stands for Stop Taking Our Pets is comprised of members from several different groups already working hard to end pound seizure and rescuing dogs and cats from the pounds that still continue this barbaric practice. Our initial focus is Montcalm County, Michigan, and stopping pound and shelter animals from being given or sold into research. There are only 10 animal dealers left around the country that take animals from pounds and shelters and sell to research—and three of them (including the biggest) are in Michigan

The only way we can stop this is to get the word out--create noise. And for the noise to have the maximum impact on the Montcalm County Commissioners, we need to get the local folks to make noise as well. So we are undertaking a campaign to get the word out --locally through newspaper ads, postcard campaigns directed at the Commissioners and billboards -- and nationally (perhaps internationally as well) through the internet, letter writing campaigns and media attention.

*** We are in need of donations to help us raise public awareness on this horrific practice and put local as well as national and international pressure on the Montcalm County Commissioners. We only have a few months so we need to work quickly to raise funds. We would also be interested in any organizations sponsorship on this effort, so please contact us if interested! ***

Or you can send a payment via paypal at

**We are also looking for solid connections with national media. If anyone wants to be actively involved in the working process, please contact Polly Sack at **

.Remember, together we are powerful. Thank you all for helping stop the ultimate betrayal of our best friends - the ultimate betrayal of public faith in the county "shelter" system.

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