Friday, February 27, 2009

Montcalm's Report Card from Kent~Dr. Swift THANK YOU!

Dear All,
It is evident that the findings and recommendations from Dr. Swift's report at this week's Blue Ribbon Panel meeting have generated a response from our public officials. Dr. Swift delivered her report in a most professional manner, detailing specific, hands-on recommendations for improvement. She provided numerous examples of good practices that can be used as examples by the Animal Control department. Her caring spirit and dedication are remarkable. I would encourage you to write a hand written thank you note to Dr. Swift if you could. She and her colleagues donated their time and their expertise, and Dr. Swift personally spent many, many of her own hours working on this detailed report. I would also encourage you to send a donation of any amount to the Humane Society of Kent County in Dr. Swift's honor. HSKC is generous not only with respect to this, but also in taking in animals from our county and treating them appropriately. You may know that a number of the dogs they received from Montcalm were infected with Parvo, and needed immediate care. This is also an opportunity to demonstrate to Montcalm County officials that when the right thing is done, the resources will appear. The Humane Society of Kent County is in need of funds for their "Buddy Fund." This fund is used to provide needed medical care to injured and sick animals. Some are cases of abuse or neglect, others are surrendered by their owners because the owners cannot afford to provide the needed care. This is the fund that is utilized when the HSKC accepts dogs from other counties, including Montcalm County, and cares for them. If you could send a donation in any amount, it will be appreciated by our gentle friends who rely on our support. I also commend each of you on your tenacity and your perseverence toward doing the right thing for the people and the animals. Special thanks to all of you who serve in a rescue capacity, whether that is housing, transport, or other contribution. Please continue your support and your activities. Please invite your friends and colleagues to send a check to the Humane Society. It is this variety of approaches that will result in achieving our mission - together. Thanks ever so much,
Fran Schuleit
Here is the address for Dr. Swift:
Wendy Swift,
DVMActing Executive Director and Veterinary Medical
DirectorHumane Society of Kent County
3077 Wilson
NWGrand Rapids, Michigan 49534

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