Monday, February 2, 2009

02/02/09 Montcalm Updates

02/02/09 Monday

Below is a list of updated dogs to tell you about. As of right now we have seen a large support in more local rescues to help save the dogs, so they obviously take first priority in helping these dogs out to safety, so we are ok there, but we do still need help finding adopters for the dogs listed on Grand River Rover Rescue (Lakeside Kennels) if you are interested in adopting a Stanton/Montcalm dog.
Oakley: was adopted from Montcalm today or yesterday so that is one less dog we have to arrange rescue for!!!!!
Sunny: the Golden: GROMM has already been up and evaluated the dog and is ready to pull him if he is not adopted. There is another woman in Bay city who would foster him for Orphan Animals if for any reason GROMM did not take him.
Kiwi: Mid Mich Boxer Rescue committed to Kiwi as soon as she hit the shelter.
Scooter: Sheltie rescue is taking him if he is a purebred and Last Day and Carole Powell both want him if he is not a purebred. If Carole Powell takes him there will be no need for any money as they don't charge her. If Sheltie rescue takes him it would be great if there is money to pay the bail fee as they are smaller and could use the help.
Hannah: the Beagle is the only dog listed as of Sunday that there was no one stepped up for yet.
And we have the Humane Society of Kent County here as back up for anything that gets urgent although I do need to clarify with them what the stance on pit bulls is.
We have added our dogs from DJ’s Lakeside Pet Kennels onto a Petfinder site to show you what dogs still need to be adopted

We also have the Montcalm Shelter PF site below to look at what dogs posted.

Dolly should be getting treated for her heartworm in the next few days thanks to all the donations we have received!!!

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